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Permanent Eye Care in Haiti


After 2 years, we are well on our way to providing sustainable comprehensive eye care provided by and for the local population. We have treated thousands of patients with blinding eye diseases, including glaucoma and infections. People can now see, perform better in school, better perform their jobs & contribute to their households.

Current goals:

  1. Full-Time on-site surgical eye care
  2. Satellite clinic
  3. Increase mobile outreach
  4. Increase optical capacity
  5. Add equipment to handle increasing volumes
  6. Train additional ophthalmic technicians

Our clinic is within hospital St. Boniface in Fond-des-Blancs, Haiti and is equipped with 6 exam stations, lasers, and various auxiliary testing equipment.


What is the need for eye care?

Poor vision = poor quality of life. Individual can’t learn in school, work, or support their family. This has a negative socio-economic impact on the individual, families, communities, & nations. Preventable and treatable conditions lead to major vision loss and blindness. This is a public health crisis in Haiti.

Barriers to eye care

  • Population of Haiti: 10+ Million People
  • 56 Ophthalmologists (<20% perform surgery) & ALL near Port-au-Prince or 3 other cities
  • No Optometrists
  • Extreme Poverty: >60% of country below poverty line & >42% unemployment rate
    • Can’t get to or pay for care in cities
  • Lack of Trained eye care professionals

Leading Causes of Visual Impairment




Our History in Haiti

2008: Medical Missions to Haiti Start!!!

In 2008, a team of professionals led by Rita Russo, a retired American nurse, and Dr. Marty Arkin, an eye surgeon from Michigan, traveled to Fond-des-Blancs (FDB), Haiti to provide the 1st eye care ever in the region at Hospital St. Boniface. Hundreds of people walked hours to be examined and received their first glasses, surgical care, and essential medicines for glaucoma and infections.  Many trips were made since then to FDB and other locations to provide care and train the locals doctors.

2012: Plans for sustainable eye care in FDB begin!

Equipment was collected and shipped to Haiti. In May 2015, Dr. Anshu Chandra moved to Haiti as a full-time volunteer to construct the clinic and train the local staff. An ongoing partnership with St. Boniface was developed where the clinic would be located to provide eye care services to the community. We would fund its construction, set-up, and all running costs.

October 2015: New Eye Clinic in FDB opens for service daily!

In October 2015, the permanent eye clinic in FDB opened to function. It got busy rapidly. We perform 40-60 comprehensive eye exams and follow-ups daily. We have a dedicated staff we have trained as ophthalmic technicians. Dr. Anshu Chandra has been living there since 2015 and running the clinic and continuing training and providing care, all as a volunteer.

Every day a challenge working with limited resources, dire pathology and high volumes of people coming in for care.
With our clinic growing daily, we are working to develop ophthalmology presence along with a strong support technical staff to provide high-quality eye care more efficiently.

2008: First eye team arrives in Fond-des-Blancs, Haiti. The locals have access to eye care for the 1st time.

2008: First eye team arrives in Fond-des-Blancs, Haiti.  The locals have access to eye care for the 1st time.

8 dedicated eye care missions between 2008-2012

8 dedicated eye care missions  between 2008-2012

2012: Work on permanent, locally-led eye care begins

2012: Work on permanent, locally-led eye care begins

2013: Semi-permanent clinic opens

2013: Semi-permanent clinic opens

Permanent Clinic Built

Establishing the permanent clinic

January 2014 Mission

December 2012 Mission

November 2011 Mission